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Full Version: [Resolved] How to remove registration link on index.php?
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Hello and thank you
for this superb platform, and your excellent support, troubleshooting, and tutorials. I have learned a TON by searching these forums. Heart

I do have one tiny problem. My forum is invitation only, so I've been removing registration links. I already got rid of the two register links in HEADER TEMPLATES>>header_welcomeblock_guest

I want to remove the smalltext "Need to register?" link on the lower right of Index.php, under the login form. This shows only when logged out of the forum.

It's a new installation of MyBB 1.6.12.

I have searched the forums, templates, theme, and files, but I can't find where the index.php links are hiding.

Thank you for your help!
Hi, Smile

ACP → Templates & Style → Templates → [your_name_theme] Templates → Error Message Templates → error_nopermission
<span class="smalltext" style="float:right; padding-top:3px;"><a href="member.php?action=register">{$lang->need_reg}</a> |

NEVER would have realized that was an error message.
+1 to your rep. You rock!

PS in the end I deleted only
<a href="member.php?action=register">{$lang->need_reg}</a> | 

because deleting all of it made the "Forgotten your password?" link float over to the left.