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Full Version: First Post cant quote
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Hello there, may I request on how to disable quote in first post or the OP of the thread? It looks like it may hurt the readers specially when they quote some long articles, quoted always by newcomers. Sad that plugin works well for reducing the amount of stuff that ends up in quotes
I actually coded a plugin to disable quotation of the first post but haven't been able to find it now to release it.
If the reason you are looking for the plugin is because new members hit reply from the postbit perhaps consider changing the reply button to NOT quote the posts and just be a reply and add a "quote" button using the default functionality?
First download and activate this plugin:
Then in postbit/postbit_classic templates replace:
<if $postcounter != 1 then>{$post['button_quote']}</if>
It will hide the button from first post - it's not a complete solution, of course, because the functionality will still exist, but I don't think newcomers will be able/willing to create links with replyto and pid manually to still use the quote and annoy others.