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Full Version: add to buddy/ignore list icons
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Hello everyone.

Im a relatively recent myBB user and not much of a front-end developer so it's been learning from the get-go for me.

I have a light issue regarding the add to buddylist and add to ignore list icons that display at the bottom of a member profile page when you view anyone's profile.

the links have a add_buddy.gif and add_ignore.gif as their icons and i can't for the life of me find out where to change them (trying to change them to .png so just making new gifs won't do)

I looked at it with firefox's inspector and it appears that these are defined in member_profile.php, but when i look at the file in the database, the file only has a reference to {$buddy_options} and i cant find this from anywhere.

propably not a very hard thing but as a newcomer i'm pretty lost with this, i've been looking for these strings for couple hours now and it's starting to get a bit frustrating x_x

link to my forum: clicketyclick

thank you in advance.
You're confusing templates with PHP files. member_profile is actually a template which you can edit in ACP/database. There you can find {$buddy_options} variable, but it is defined earlier in code.

Now, to find the content of that PHP variable, you need to open an actual PHP file. In this case it's member.php in MyBB root folder. Open it with text editor such as Notepad++ and CTRL+F that variable (without curly {} braces). You will find 4 lines you can edit, then reupload the file.
ah yes. that solved it!
thank you very much Smile

didn't occur to me to look at the root php files as i assumed all the theme elements such as the icons are defined in the templates accessible from the ACP.