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Full Version: Forums in Columns issues?
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Hey all! Title pretty much says it all, if you have a little look-see at my site there. Even when I reverted to the original css, the boards stayed in that same unusual arrangement... Any ideas as to what could be causing this? If more information is needed I will gladly provide it!

This is very unclear.

What do you mean 'original' css. Do you mean from the Theme's CSS to the default MyBB CSS? Or from your modified version of the theme's css to the original version of the theme's CSS?

And unusual compared to what?

The layout is based on templates, not only css.
So sorry!

I mean the CSS given in the tutorial found here:

And I provided a screenshot of what is happening, here:

The boards are not aligning nicely at all. I attempted to adjust max-height and added a scroll for the descriptions (figuring maybe that if they were all the same the issue would resolve), all to no avail. Two boards looks lovely, but any more and the result is anything but attractive.
Well this is from 2011. And it doesn't look like you're using a standard theme either.

Not that I'll be able to fix it, but to be clear, the problem is that you want the left bottom box up against the top box. Is that correct?
Correct! I want to have more forums eventually too, so I'd like them to all be lined up neatly.(: I appreciate anything you can do, so thank you!