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Full Version: renumbering usergroup id - SQL - phpMyAdmin
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I just deleted usergroup id = 8

and now here is my usergroup numbering:

Guests = 1
Registered = 2
Super Moderators = 3
Administrators = 4
Awaiting Activation = 5
Moderators = 6
Banned = 7

Guru = 9
VIP = 10

my question is how can I make usergroup Guru to #8 and VIP to #9 Huh
Why? These group ids generally aren't visible to visitors.

Changing the group id involves updating:
mybb_calendarpermissions (gid)
mybb_forumpermissions (gid)
mybb_groupleaders (gid)
mybb_joinrequests (gid)
mybb_promotions (originalusergroup, newusergroup)
mybb_spiders (usergroup)
mybb_threadprefixes (groups)
mybb_usergroups (gid)
mybb_users (usergroup, additionalgroups, displaygroup)

Don't forget to update the AUTO_INCREMENT value of mybb_usergroups or else you will get a gap on inserting your next group.