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Full Version: MyBB 1.8 Roadmap
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This roadmap is provisional and subject to change - though less likely at this time.

Features ready for Beta 1
Release date: 1st of June 2014
For a complete list of features please check this blog post.

Beta 2
Release date: TBC

This is still under discussion so for a list of open issues please check this page on GitHub.

Working on Features
Any feature left to do here is open to anyone to complete. To contribute to a feature please start a new thread to let us, and others, know that you're working on it - and how we can help with any suggestions or problems you come across.

Remember to follow the MyBB development workflow to ensure we can work as quickly as possible to integrate your changes.
#428 is a ACP improvement actually :p.
Sorry I had to go through so many issues that I placed that one incorrectly.
The list is now complete.