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Tikitiki Wrote:(imo me doesn't like it with border either)
Could be transparent too. Wink

I liked this one, but I'm just happy that we now have one.
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Good sites to create some cool Favicons..
Transparency is dodgy when you have to deal with Internet Explorer 6 and below as well as other browsers not supporting alpha blending - it means your icon looks crappy and low resolution.
Chris Boulton Wrote:I've implemented one.

<link rel="shortcut icon" href="favicon.ico" />

Get a real browser. Toungue

I'll fix that up later.
Chris Boulton Wrote:Get a real browser. Toungue
Chris Boulton Wrote:Get a real browser. Toungue

LMAO. That was classic.
ROFL. Nice one chris!
Chris Boulton Wrote:Get a real browser. Toungue
I have one. Smile

[Image: dm39bss7-opera_option.png]

Automatically requesting a file when there's no link to it anywhere is kinda dodgy, IMO.

DrPoodle Wrote:LOL...nice.
Christian Wrote:LMAO. That was classic.
Tikitiki Wrote:ROFL. Nice one chris!

^ What's this, Chris? Your entourage? Toungue
We all just like to see you get owned Smile
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