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Full Version: Error 1146
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Before I go on through this thread I just want to say yes, I have looked at the common error issues page and no, It didnt work for me.

Now, my old website was getting deleted so I had to move my stuff to a new site. I had no problems with the forum whatsoever, and so I backed it up and put it on the new site.
I get the error 1146, which is:

SQL Error:
1146 - Table '****.phpbb_auto_datacache' doesn't exist
SELECT title,cache FROM phpbb_auto_datacache

I am almost positive the table prefix is right. As shown in phpmyadmin:
(attached pic)

Unless Im really stupid, maybe I am, this is the table prefix?
phpbb_auto_ is the prefix, however, you do not have the table phpbb_auto_datacache which is why that error is occuring.
The tables don't look like belonging to a MyBB...
Are you porting phpbb to mybb? Keep in mind use the upgrade script, and make sure you keep the tables with: