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Full Version: Soft Delete improvements
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I have created a new issue on GH for Soft Delete improvements.

Please feel free to suggest changes to the current system (or other small additions) that you feel being necessary.
I want the "restore image" for doing it.
What do you mean by restore icon? A user has suggested that when a post is soft deleted, we replace the delete button by restore. Is this what you're saying?

I'm also thinking we should probably have a counter in the ACP separating unapproved posts from soft deleted posts.
That sounds like what I would like to see pirata (the button to restore). A count in the ACP might be nice, but it's an extra query that likely isn't useful to most users.
Thanks, I'll look into it when I find some time!
Here's a PM I've just received from jvdabz:
jvdabz Wrote:Hi, Because I haven't permission to post in this thread I send my suggestions about "Soft Delete improvements" to you:

1.That's completely necessary to have a section to see, read and manage deleted posts in ACP.

2.add a button to the post buttons section to completely delete the soft deleted post (I know we have this tool in Moderation option but it will be better to have it beside other buttons). Also you can do these things:

a.Add a drop down button with "restore post" and "completely delete" options.
b.Add a button under the posts and put these options in a J query box. (when clicking on the button, a box appear with "Restore this post" and "Completely delete this post" options.)

3.Add an option in ACP to choose in which forums should soft delete be on.

4.[Make Soft Delete more powerful!]Also add "Soft Edit" to this tool. I mean in forums which are selected by admin, users could edit posts but this edit should take effect after admins confirmation.

This feature is useful because: Some of the users can edit their posts in an effort to cover their tracks,some of the Mods could misuse their authority, etc.

Hope these suggestions be useful.
Best regards.
Another suggestion:
fizit Wrote:

Can we have permission settings for permanent delete too? I think mods should only have the permission to soft delete by default but not completely remove the post/thread. Permanent deletion should be a permission set from ACP.

Thank you. Smile
@Jvdabs, #1 may be a nice idea just like with unapproved posts but #4 would be pretty much a new feature.

@Fizit, sound similari to the idea of improving the moderator permissions which I agree on.
I'm agreeing that by default moderators should only be able to soft delete posts and threads.
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