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Full Version: 1.8 Stable Enough?
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I want to begin my theme using 1.8 and since it's going to take some times to create this theme, by the time it's done. 1.8 would most likely be released. Is the core and everything good enough to begin the development now? And then I can upgrade along with the theme and keep everything together.

I just don't want to make a theme using 1.6 and then when I'm done, 1.8 is already out and everyone will start using that. Secondly, the core files would change gradually once 1.8 come and will be way different than 1.6 so that will make 1.6 themes look bad.

Can I be able to post my theme for 1.8 onto Github for MyBB staff to check for example, bugs, errors, and other concerns?


I have added 1.8 as you can see here for preview.

I have created a GitHub for this project and would like to know if anybody would like to help out?
Should I add the whole MyBB files (admin, archive, cache, images, and so on) into the GitHub and begin the creation of Social?
for me better wait beta 2 to work with theme of 1.8...
I think some new features will alter some templates
1.8 is not stable enough for an actual public/active forum, but it should be fine for plugin and theme development. There will be minor changes to some templates as it progresses to the stable release, so it is probably a good idea to watch the GitHub repo for changes to templates that have modified.
(2014-06-05, 12:24 AM)VisualizeEdits Wrote: [ -> ]I have added 1.8 as you can see here for preview.

I don't see any differences between default theme and 'social'...
@martec I agree but it will take some times before I can begin since I'm going to completely create the website in Photoshop before beginning.

@CameronBig Grin It is being used for theme development at the moment. I will keep my eyes on the GitHub as a head up. Thanks.

@Maj You made me laugh. It have not been started yet. I just want the latest 1.8 active until I begin the process of creating the theme.
Wait for Beta 2. A lot of things may change in Beta 1.
@Pirata Nervo When do you think that will happen? I mean like which month/year.
I can't disclose an ETA yet sorry.