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Full Version: Text crunching problem.
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Hey guys, I am having an issue with my theme where if you minimize the window the title of the forum and desc crunch up. Here is an example.

What mine looks like:

[Image: eom7AhH.jpg]

What I need it to look like:

[Image: tnsylLw.jpg]

Any help is appreciated!

I believe I have the same theme as you, the issue in hand is that it's crunching up due to the size of the window. I think a few template edits/CSS edits can fix that, not exactly sure which ones though.
Yeah, that is what I am trying to figure out.
Forum url?
Its a css problem. We need a url to exactly pinpoint the issue. But I am not sure what classes or id's it uses.
The forumbit templates are where you need to look. Adjust the widths on the TDs