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Full Version: How to prevent spam regestration ?
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In my forum I got more than 30 spam registration everyday. I also set some Disallowed Emails but it didn't work. Can anybody tell me how I can prevent spam registration ??
Use the Registration Question plugin on the Mod site. Delete the included questions andwrite some specific to your niche.
I already try that. But that won't work. Sad
What are the questions you are using?
I was using below questions, But currently this plugin is deactivate in my forum. .............
1. What is the full form of FFU (answer : Forum For U)
2. Who are you human or bot (answer : human)
3. What is the full form of MyBB (answer : My Bulletin Board)
4. How many days in a week (answer : 7days/seven days)
not bad questions imo... you can try to replacing the "Powered by MyBB" text into a image...
Don't find any image for that. Sad Can I replace from "Powered by MyBB" to "Forum Software Provide By MyBB" and will it work ??
you are free to change the text to anything which provides a similar meaning as powered by mybb and a link back to

if you are using a dark themed footer, feel free to get the image from my forum's footer and use it
I would guess the weak link is the question that asks if you are human or a bot.

1: Don't make questions binary so they have a 50% chance of guessing.
2: Almost all human spammers and many bots know that bot is a bad answer.

Since each user can keep trying until they get a question they like, one weak one can make it all fall apart.
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