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Full Version: Css forum status icons
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Hello mybb,

Long time no see Big Grin
I have been busy awhile and after logging in I had a great surprise Mybb 1.8 which I find very promising.

I installed it and optimised if further. (link)
But what I cannot seem to do is replace the on/off/link status icons with css buttons.
Maybe you can edit the forumbit_depth2_forum template. Add an additional class to the first table cell. So where it says class="{$bgcolor}" change it to class="{$bgcolor} {$lightbulb['folder']}". Then add on and off classes to global.css.
Not working mate.
And unfortunately I cannot check with an if clause for new posts.
Finally I figured it out Big Grin with an if/else clause statement.

Any feedback with my work would be great (link) Big Grin

I recommend this plugin so your templates can parse php statements.