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Full Version: Impossibly small character ; impossible to click to access profile
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‏ׁ‏ׁ‏‏ׁ‏ׁ‏ׁ‏ׁ‏ׁ‏ׁ‏‏ׁ‏ׁ‏ׁ‏That's not a bug, to limit characters allowed during registration use this:
I think it's asinine that a plugin is needed to avoid issues like this.
That can be said about 20 or more other 'issues' too. That's what the plugin system is for - I don't know why 2-10 minutes spent on installing a modification are 'asinine' for you, but I find this quite offensive.

This is not a bug as I said, so I marked this as rejected. - continue the topic here if you wish.