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Full Version: List all posts in thread
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Is there a way to list all the posts in any single thread. I got a cdn plugin thats content needs to be deleted on the cdn server when posts in a thread gets deleted on the server where mybb is running. The part where posts get deleted and cdn content gets deleted works fine, its just when a whole thread gets deleted that the images in that thread wont get deleted at the cdn server.
Switch to "Threaded Mode" from the top right of the first post.
effone, i am speaking about programmatically via php for a plugin.
Hmm, so what will be the content of the list entries? Only the poster name with post time or certain characters from the post as well?
And where you want it to be shown? In a fresh page?
How will it look like? A search result page or even simpler - single lined?
The link to the cdn image is stored in the post. I want to get the message part only plus the {$pid} where i can extract the cdn url and delete the image on the cdn server from the plugin. It works for single post deletions but i want to list all the posts inside a thread when the thread gets deleted so i can extract those urls. Otherwise i would have to add a column in the database table for posts to store the link of the cdn image. Things will be slower that way.
If it is all about deleting image links then why all posts are required?
What about a function to return all the image links only from all the posts of a thread while its being deleted? Is that you want?
Thats what i want to do. When a thread gets deleted, all the posts in that thread is checked to see if they have image links to the cdn server. Thats how it works for single posts. The problem is fetching all the posts from a deleted thread.