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Full Version: Will Using Double Databae Slow Down My Site?
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What I am trying to do is integrate the Mybb system with Wordpress so far I have archived this with a plugin that's still in it's alpha stages but it's the only option as everything is outdated and does not work Sad

Anyway, What it does is connects to the Mybb table uses the mybb cookie as the login source for the wordpress site, However it also creates a user in the wordpress users table as will with there password.

First question:

1: say if I had 1 million users and that would then double with 2 million users for example as a worst case, Would that slow down the site having users in both tables

2: It also stores the password in the wordpress table as will and encrypts it in the wordpress method, Would that be more unsecure having the password is two different methods on two different tables.

Please reply as soon as possible so I know where to go with this

Moved to third party integration.

As long as the password in both tables is encrypted, it will be fine security wise as long as the user doesn't choose a weak password.
Just read up that it does not matter how much data a database has what does matter is how much data the code needs to go through so the way the plugin works it should be fine Smile

and I removed stopped wordpress from saving passwords as it's not needed.