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Full Version: Need help in Moderation
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I want to know that how can i set the post in this way that when a user posts a thread it shows in the thread listening and main time it goes to moderator . If the moderator approve it it will remain if delet the post will be deleted??

Also need to know how can i set for user in front of the forum title. (15 Viewing) ?
Explain more about your question. Are you asking how make it where only a post can only be made if its approved?
If you want to enable moderation on a forum, go to "Admin CP > Forums & Posts". Now, click on "Options" button next to the forum you want to enable moderation for and select "Edit Forum". A new page will load, scroll down till you see "Moderation Options" and check "Yes, moderate new threads" then save.

To show total number of users viewing a forum, go to "Admin CP > Templates & Style > Templates > [Your Theme] > Forum Bit Templates (Expand) > forumbit_depth2_forum"
just after this code:
<strong><a href="{$forum_url}">{$forum['name']}</a></strong>
Yes this is help ful. however i go throug the moderation.

I want that when a member start a thread or post it will be posted immediately. and mean time it will be sent to moderation. If moderation see that the post is irrelevent then can delet other wise no action . In other words it will be approved automaticaly and moderator can moderate it in moderation que
I don't think you can do that without a plugin, but what is the use of that?