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Full Version: [1.8] How add imgur upload button
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(2015-05-27, 07:14 AM)martec Wrote: [ -> ]
(2015-05-26, 12:37 AM)Sinaloense Wrote: [ -> ]For use this in?

you can use Miuna Shoutbox that already come with imgur button.

Ok thanks Heart.
Hi, my users can't add an image with imgur if they are using a smartphone. Any idea to allow upoad images from mobile?
Thank you
Button doesn't appear for me
(2015-06-11, 12:40 AM)Lektz Wrote: [ -> ]Button doesn't appear for me

same Sad
does the imgur api allow us to post image links inside of the [img] tags over https rather than http?
bumping this. is anyone having issues uploading photos to imgur lately? did the imgur api change or something? I'm running this mod on 2 different mybb 1.8.12 forums and both of them are having problems uploading photos.
appears to be an imgur api issue on their end:
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