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Full Version: How can you save changes on new stylesheets by plugin?
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Well i work on some upgrades of plugins and the function to update plugins won't work.

There is a way to do that, because i use same as 1.6.x series and in that works so good, but right now you have to enter to your style and have to press save changes button and the new stylesheets appear, i review database and when i run install or activate plugins all goes fine, db stores my new stylesheet and all goes fine, but only when i press save new stylesheets appear, i test with more than one plugin and finally press save an all stylesheets appears and plugins works as he have to well only my new plugins that i don't release yet, because only i am testing on how to migrate plugins to new version without problems.

If anybody know how to do it i really appreciate it.

			require_once MYBB_ADMIN_DIR.'inc/functions_themes.php';

With this i can do in 1.6.x but right now i use cache upgrade on templates and don't work either, how is the right way to save new templates ?

EDIT: I try more things and no results, if you disable plugin new stylesheet was deleted, i try to do at the same way on enable but withour positive results.

Anybody knows about this ??