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Full Version: Fix my login screen
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Basically I want to move the login screen
From here
[Image: 7XY9QdN.png]

To here
[Image: xNvupAt.png]

Your help is wildy appreciated thanks in advance
you can try adding below at the bottom of the theme's global.css and hard refresh your browser to check
#panel input.textbox  {padding: 1px!important;}
Go in AdminCP->Templates & Style->Themes->YOUR THEME->global.css

Search "#panel" and replace:
width: 700px;

Go in AdminCP->Templates & Style->Templates->YOUR TEMPLATE SET (used by your theme)->Header Templates->header_welcomeblock_guest

Here you can try to add "<br />" after:
<span style="float: right;">{$lang->welcome_current_time}</span>

Please next time try to use some thumbnails linked to your screenshots.

// L.E.: I didn't saw the reply posted by .m. - you can follow his advice!

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