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Full Version: Something's wrong with my forum
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I try to get to my thread or post or any forum and it says page not found. What is happening and why o.o

Here, try it out:
Something's messed up with friendly URLs. To get your forums back online turn this feature off (Configuration → Server and Optimization Options); have you renamed htaccess.txt file to .htaccess after enabling it? Either that or your hosting does not support mod_rewrite, required for friendly URLs.
You're using 000webhost, this could be happening for a whole range of reasons.

1. They've suspended you for some stupid reason (000webhost are notorious for this).
2. You've pointed your domain to the wrong DNS servers.
3. You've maxed your monthly bandwidth / or the servers CPU.

This is an issue with the host, and not your forum.
(07-23-2014, 12:05 AM)Neovo Wrote: [ -> ]Here, try it out:

the same post loads fine if accessed from:

try what Devilshakerz has said.. also you can try disabling the gzip compression (Configuration >> Server and Optimization Options) and check...
Thanks guys. I hated that thing and it's finally fixed Big Grin