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Full Version: Take an action with one thread will change everythread?
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Hi, I got a very dangerous problem.

I fix some thing in forumdisplay.php, and when I tested, I found a big problem

eg: I chose 1 thread, I chose Visible = 0, take action and every topic in forum set Visible = 0 Sad

Than I revisible 1 thread, all thread visible

I think it has some problem in function update, maybe it missing something after I fix some code :|

So, please, show me something to find and fix.
Thank you!

P/S: It just happen with Visible/ unvisible function. Closed topic work fine.
We would need to know the actual upadate and change that you made
I created some php files, but it work alone, not co-op with any file (to create some row for a table I created).

Than I fix forumdisplay.php, but just take the infomation, not update anything. Anyway, I re-up forumdisplay file from my backup, but it still happen.

Problem is not all thread update, just may be 2/3 threads update visiable value, the rest remain :|
what were the changes on the table?
In the database do the threads for some reason have the same ID?
Oh my god, I backup everything! And it still happen! What wrong!!!

oh, I found problem.
I change "Closed" in table "threads" into int, so...
If you have PHPMyAdmin on your hosting panel it makes it easy to change between types. If this is solved, please mark it as solved.