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Full Version: Can't download large attachments (1.2mb)
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The upload goes fine. It is a 1.2mb .zip file.

but when attempting to download, it just seems spins and spins and spins and then times out (problem loading page)

Smaller attachments seem to be downloading fine.

I have contacted hosting.

This is the error message we get back from hosting is:

"There appear to be a serious coding/logical issue.
Initially, downloading fails because script, responsible for generation of error text, goes in cycles and eats all the memory.
If we disable error reporting a way that does not allow error message data to be appended on and on, the site hits PHP execution time limit while ****/inc/functions.php script is executing.
This happens when my_strtolower() function is working, what makes us think that this function may be mistakenly provided with data it can not and should not process. Attachment file, for e

Practically, we would recommend to choose/try the following steps to resolve the issue:

1. Provide us with info about previously used PHP environment in case the site was migrated to ****
2. Try to change PHPBB version. Upgrade to the most recent version or downgrade to an older version.
3. Try to play with mods and themes/styles. Start with disabling them all and enable them one by one.
4. Reupload and recreate this particular attachment and other attachments that have issues. We could not find a file similar to the one indicated on the page, so this could be the issue.

The best solution would be to contact site developer, because the issue is closely related to MyBB and to MyBB system."

The upload has been attached several times with the same result. Obviously its not a theme issue. The site has been on the same hosting since we first started it.
TBH I have not idea what they are taking about. As the attachment system works with considerably larger files fine for all other users it is unlikely it is a problem within MyBB. my_strtolower isn't even used in attachment.php.
So hosting says it is likely MyBB. MyBB says not likely.

What is the next step?

Is it a strong possibility of an issue with a plugin? My opinion is no, but if a MyBB developer/expert thinks otherwise, I will go through and disable and enable each plugin and attempt to download the file after each disable, but that is extremely time consuming and the other issue is that when disabling some plugins, they lose all settings. Would like to avoid if there is some other stronger possibility. ... ?

Do you have some recommendation on what to try next? Regards.
You can actually go to ACP->Settings->General Configuration. Near the bottom there is a setting called Disable All Plugins. Change that to yes. This makes it so no plugins will run without having to deactivate them one by one. If the issue is gone after doing this, list the plugins you have installed.

If authors coded plugins properly, settings should be added in the _install function, not the _activate functions.
Yes, but not all of them are coded properly. One that I lost several times was ad plugin which had a ton of work put into it. After that I just hard coded ads.

Anyways. This has been solved I believe. The problem was the attachment purposely contained an android exploit that was getting caught up in their malware scanners. I guess the way in which the mybb attachment is served clashed with the malware scanners and resulted in as explained above.