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Full Version: Template Help?
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I just added a new theme to my site and when I go to the post it looks like this.

How can I fix it so the post is under my image title?

I'm not sure what template it is but if you know ask me and I can give you the template.

My site is...
All that info is in the postbit template (horizontal style, the one you have now in your forum) and the postbit_classic template (vertical, as in that image above)

Looks for variables such as {$post['profilelink']}, {$post['onlinestatus']}, {$post['usertitle']}, {$post['userstars']}, {$post['groupimage']}, etc and arrange them in the order you want.
ACP >> Configuration >> Show Thread Options >> Display posts using the classic layout or Display posts using the horizontal post layout

To finish read this tutorial: