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Full Version: Registration Issues
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I got a theme a while back and recently installed it, it looks great and I like the look and the log/in area. The only problem is the register link on the index is redirecting users to the site I purchased the theme from. I looked through all the .php files and I can't find anything to do with the registration link. I know this is potentially a easy fix but if anyone can help me with this..

- Finding where to edit the registration redirect

- Also what page do I link my registration to for my forums to have them register on my site.
*Edit - I found that but all I need to know now is where the register button is located in the .php files so I can edit it.

Make sure when looking at the website you're not click the registration forum topic and instead the registration button on the log-in panel on the top.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.