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Pages: 1 2 is a political forum designed explicitly to nurture young views and inspire fresh minds. Founded in mid-June 2014, YouthDebate already has thousands of posts on hundreds of subjects, from the economy to immigration; the military to education. Everyone is welcome here and almost anything goes.

There are a lot of political forums on the net. Some deal with the UK, some deal with the rest of the world. None of them are aimed at youths or young adults. This is the need from which was born. We're a brand new site, only being launched in mid-June 2014. We're growing fast, and you can be a part of this special time.

To sign up, click here.

Ryan Chatt
PR Manager –

I do like that it is a different type of forum than I've really seen.
Don't know if I am just having bad luck but things are loading really slowly. Will try again later.
A couple of users reported issues last night. We're looking into getting a dedicated server, our host is a bit restrictive anyway.
(08-01-2014, 05:27 PM)Roach Wrote: [ -> ]Don't know if I am just having bad luck but things are loading really slowly. Will try again later.

The front page takes ages to load. I would really fix that immediately.
I would say the huge pictures aren't helping much.
When I try to access, I encounter this error: "This webpage is not available".
We were, at the time of posting, updating our forums and homepage, but we are all sorted now and up and running. But if you have any more issues, feel free to contact us.

Your servers are very slow. Go check out tmzvps. That's what I use.
This is really a very beautiful designed website. Loved it!

Does it run Mybb? And which theme have you put? Thanks,
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