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Full Version: Lost password email comes blank
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One of my forum members used the lost password function and an email arrived, but the email body is completely blank.

The email subject says: Password Reset at <My Forum name>

I tried it and it does same for me.

We expected a new password would be generated.

How do I fix this please?

are you running latest version (1.6.14) of MyBB ? are you using English language for the forum ?

run file verification tool available at tools & maintenance section of admin panel and check for
changed / corrupt / missing php files. post back the result (ignore the images)
No, 1.6.13. If I update will I have to redo all the changes I've made, like plugins and changing code to get certain functionality?

Yes English, UK

I ignored all that started with images, or install/images

List below

install/index.php Missing
install/resources/adminoptions.xml Missing
install/resources/adminviews.xml Missing
install/resources/index.html Missing
install/resources/language.lang.php Missing
install/resources/mybb_theme.xml Missing
install/resources/mysql_db_inserts.php Missing
install/resources/mysql_db_tables.php Missing
install/resources/output.php Missing
install/resources/pgsql_db_tables.php Missing
install/resources/settings.xml Missing
install/resources/sqlite_db_tables.php Missing
install/resources/tasks.xml Missing
install/resources/upgrade1.php Missing
install/resources/upgrade10.php Missing
install/resources/upgrade11.php Missing
install/resources/upgrade12.php Missing
install/resources/upgrade13.php Missing
install/resources/upgrade14.php Missing
install/resources/upgrade15.php Missing
install/resources/upgrade16.php Missing
install/resources/upgrade17.php Missing
install/resources/upgrade18.php Missing
install/resources/upgrade19.php Missing
install/resources/upgrade2.php Missing
install/resources/upgrade20.php Missing
install/resources/upgrade21.php Missing
install/resources/upgrade22.php Missing
install/resources/upgrade23.php Missing
install/resources/upgrade24.php Missing
install/resources/upgrade25.php Missing
install/resources/upgrade26.php Missing
install/resources/upgrade27.php Missing
install/resources/upgrade28.php Missing
install/resources/upgrade3.php Missing
install/resources/upgrade4.php Missing
install/resources/upgrade5.php Missing
install/resources/upgrade6.php Missing
install/resources/upgrade7.php Missing
install/resources/upgrade8.php Missing
install/resources/upgrade9.php Missing
install/resources/usergroups.xml Missing
install/stylesheet.css Missing
any thoughts on this?
Your language pack is missing some language strings.
ok, so how do I do to fix that?