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Full Version: Moderated By Not Showing?
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Im having that issue, Moderated By: Not showing in the forums list i already have in forumbit_moderators
<br />{$lang->forumbit_moderated_by} {$moderators}

but its not showing
ACP >> Configuration >> Forum Home Options >> Forums' Moderator Listing
You have to enable that in settings. It's under Forum Home Options.
It's already on that's why im making that thread , its on and still not showing
This may sound obvious, but have you actually specified a user or usergroup as the moderator of a particular forum? Even if a person is in a usergroup that is a global moderator, they will only be listed as a moderator of that forum if they are added to it.
There are alot of forums moderators set from the forums , i know everything about it bro , nothing appears , it appeared before but when i changed the theme none apprear
Try rebuilding the Moderator Cache.

ACP->Tools->Cache Manager->Click Rebuild Cache by where it says moderators.
Still not working

So I've tried to put {$moderators} under the sub boards , it worked but it shows Moderated By: in all of the forums like if there are no moderators it also shows that so if there is a way using php to use {If moderator} or something please tell me

Ow eggplant , Also few forums do not show moderators , go take a look
Note: all of the forums moderated by Oldman and Tony
Any 1?
Backup your forumdisplay.php and then replace it with an original one! Any plugins you might have related to this disable them!!
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