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Full Version: 1.6.15 - View New Posts and View Todays Posts broke?
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I upgraded lastnight to 1.6.15 and it seems that "View New Posts" and "View Today's Posts" is broke.

When I click the "View New Posts" or "View Today's Posts" option I get the following error: /home/content/26/7778326/html/forums/inc/languages/english/search.lang.php does not exist

If interested in seeing the error the website in question is:
You seams to have deleted inc/languages/english/search.lang.php.
Stefan, thanks for the quick response! I didn't delete anything as I simply just copied those files over.

Do you think the fix for this is as simple as finding that file and throwing it in to the correct location?

Thanks for all your hard work.
The fix should indeed be that simple. Smile