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Full Version: MyBB 1.6.15 - Who's Online
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Who's Online's entries aren't sorted by time on default? Confused
This is "1.8 Bugs and Issues"?
Sorry I was certain i posted it under 1.6... Huh
Moved to 1.6.
I can't confirm it here. All members are at the top and all guests are below them. Both sorted by the last online day.
I can't reproduce it either.
When you have a spider bot like Google it gets tangled up.
Spiders are handled like guests. While writing this Google is online here and it still works as expected.
BTW: if you're talking about the who is online part on the index page: spiders are shown there as first (not sure how they are sorted there) and the members are sorted by their username.
So you first sort guests? I think it should be sorted by time even if there are guests...
Members are always shown first on the who is online page.

Guests aren't showed at all on the index page (except spiders).