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Full Version: Quote issue on my forums. Help needed!
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Hey, I recently looked at the thread which helped me a lot with fixing the quote on my forum as it wasn't working. That help came from this post: Post

Once doing that it worked. But it looks horrid. Is there anyway to make it look any better. Maybe exactly as it looks when people do normal posts without the huge amount of white and horrid looking font.

Thanks, below I posted a screenshot of how it looks now.

I was hoping for a way to make it somewhat like this -

I changed for now it's background to make it better to see. but would love for it to go like that image I sent if possible. Anyone know how?
^ just wondering, can't you use the plugin
Yeah,I just got the plugin, but that only puts an image not the rest. I have that sorted. TBH, I will close this as I finished doing one myself, I just thought it looked good.