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Full Version: Theme Related Issues & Backend Parsed Variables Not available in templates....
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Theme Related Issues
1. <br /> used every where in the theme. Please fix this issue. Instead of <br /> Use CSS Margin option. It makes it easy for designers to just adjust the margins, rather than deleting all <Br />'s in the theme.

2. ShowThread NEWREPLY, ForumDisplay NewThread Buttons, are all made floating to either side. However, their margins appear abnormal, just beacuse they are floating and the below <tag> (say div) ignores their existence.
Possible Fix: Wrap the Stars & New Reply button in a div, make its height enough taht they do not overlap the bottom content. Similarly, wrap the pagination & Newthread button in a div & give it a fixed height. This will also make it easier to just edit them.

3. The images. All images, shipped by mybb are completely for white backgrounds. Why don't you make them transparent? Please dont reply me with a MyBB Mod site link to a "Images for dark bg". This is our mybb, we should do everything to make it perfect. Be it small things like image backgrounds. And the same applies to above two issues.

*I don't know if these things are fixed in 1.8, if they are not, please do.

Backend Parsed Vars
So user stars in the php files (say functions_post.php) are parsed without a class or id. So how am I supposed to modify them? Please add a class to all such things that are parsed inside the internal files.

Also, please wrap all the userstars everywhere inside a single entity like a <div class="userstars"> (I know it can be done via templates, but this should be shipped by default)

*I don't know if these things are fixed in 1.8, if they are not, please do.

That's all for now. I will update the thread, when there is more.

Thank you.
The issue with the be tags is known, but will not be fixed in 1.8 as far as I know because of how big a job it is. Other issues such as the images not being transparent should be fixed in 1.8 though.

Really you should try the 1.8 beta and see what it's like. It's received quite a lot of fixes and improvements for theme design.