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Full Version: bug on send password.
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I test on my site with 1.6.15 and all users and me too found next bug.

If you set on register opts to require cpmplex password this says you have to use one number and lower and upper case words.

If i set manually all goes fine but if i send a request of new password this requires credentials and send an email to activate account.

Then you go to your email account push link and a new password was sent to an email account but i review and allways do the same an 8 digit password but a number is missing.

Finally you try to login and ever you receive an error of wrong password.

I deactivate complex passeord on register and you can login. I send again a request of new password and in this way all goes fine.

So i think the grneration of new password was missing if you enable complex password an autogeneration of almost one number.

If iam wrong tell me. But i think this is a minor bug.