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Full Version: [1.8] Quick Advanced Editor (Show sceditor in quick reply and quick edit)
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Plugin version of this , show editor in quick reply only after focused in textarea and with options yes/no to if you want show smile box and sceditor in quick edit.

Latest version: 4.0.0


If you want to improve it feel free to submit PR in github.

It works, thank you martec!

The only thing I would like to suggest is to add an auto focus when the advanced editor is loaded because we have to click on it two times to type a message.
test 3.1
(2014-08-15, 06:02 PM)martec Wrote: [ -> ]@adriano
test 3.1

Everything works fine! Thanks!
Amazing! Thank you!
new version relased.
Plz update to 3.2.2, this solve several issue with multiquote and smile box.

You need unistall old version, upload new version and install.
@martec - there is huge blank space above the bar after you click into quick reply
(2014-08-20, 05:42 PM)Eldenroot Wrote: [ -> ]@martec - there is huge blank space above the bar after you click into quick reply

ACP --> global templates --> edit codebutquick template

find "height: 270,"
change value 270 with value you want...

something near 350, it may be value you're looking for
On case somebody wants to always display the editor öpen codebutquick find:

Add before:

Thanks for this plugin Martec.
@martec can you provide minified code (template code) that simply loads the editor as soon as the page is loaded? Removing as much JS as possible.

I have this:

So I want to remove unnecessary code (smiles box, load on focus, etc).
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