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Full Version: Custom Mod Tools - Moderator Log
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Custom post tools don't seen to log the thread and forum in the moderator log, however deleting posts does so I think that should be done.
yes logical
Bump - has this been fixed?
Remember we don't need to fix all issues for 1.8.0. I will check this now anyways.
Checking the code I found the following after a custom moderation is executed:
log_moderator_action($modlogdata, $lang->custom_tool);

$modlogdata holds the FID and TID if there is one:
	$modlogdata['fid'] = $fid;

	$modlogdata['tid'] = $thread['tid'];

And it does shows correct in the ACP and MCP moderator logs. I would rather reject this.

However, I found a new issue with the confirmation page.