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Full Version: ... show subscriptions in the header template?
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I basically wish to show a users subscriptions with threadname and lastpost(er) and a users own last threads in / via the header template of my forum. 

Your latest threads
Thread Name 1
Thread Name 2

Your subscriptions
Thread Name 1, lastpost yesterday, 2pm
Thread Name 2, lastpost today, 1pm

Can anyone tell me, how this would be possible? I tried to change a plugin which shows subs/threads on the portal to show them on the index, but it didn't work.
which plugin you have tried to modify to show on the index ? can you give its link ..
Yeah, sure:

It's designed to show subscriptions on the portal page, which works fine. But when I change the portal parts of run hooks e.g. and the others to the index stuff, it's not showing anything.
^ have you added {$portal_abo} in the index template & changed below two lines in the plugin file ..
if(my_strpos($_SERVER['PHP_SELF'], 'portal.php'))
$plugins->add_hook("portal_start", "portal_abo_do");
Thank you, I just tried, it didn't work. Besides, I want it to show up in the header template, not in the index template itself. (: