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Full Version: Quick edit not working
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I don't think this is so much an issue with the 1.8 code ( I downloaded about an hour ago) , but it might be more of an issue here on the community forums.

Quick Edit doesn't load. I cleared my cache and did a hard refresh and it still doesn't seem to work.

Browser: Firefox 31.0
Win 7

Just tried it with this thread, same thing. Anyone else having this problem?
Using Chrome and it doesn't work either.

Probably related to this.
for me only here (community.mybb)...
fresh copy downloaded of github not has any problem for me...
Its not working for me either, only in MyBB Community using Sony Vaio, browser: Chrome in Windows 7 and using mobile Xperia T2 Ultra Dual, browser: UC Browser in Android 4.4.2. My localhost copy is working fine in same browser on another tab.

I guess its a site issue, not MyBB package.
Only bugs affecting the latest github code should be reported here - please keep that in mind. And as it has been said multiple times, this forum uses Cloudflare and it takes some time to load CSS/JS changes.

Moving to Community & Site Issues.
looks like there is an issue with Quick Reply as well. for me, it is directing to user friendly redirect page ..
it's not working for me neither in firefox v. 31.0

if I look at the dev tools inside the console, it shows me the following when I tried to use quick edit in this thread:

window.controllers is deprecated. Do not use it for UA detection.  https-everywhere.js:335
Use of getUserData() or setUserData() is deprecated.  Use WeakMap or element.dataset instead.  requestNotifier.js:52
ReferenceError: spinner is not defined thread.js:177
Quick reply/edit etc should work now Smile
(2014-08-24, 10:33 AM)Matt. Wrote: [ -> ]Quick reply/edit etc should work now Smile

Yeah, it's fine now.  Rolleyes
yep, it's working now.
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