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Full Version: mybb publisher not posting in facebook
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mybbpublisher is not posting in facebook, i already added app id and secret but it does not work
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Please someone help me ...
enable the debug mode from the plugin's settings and check the error logs from ACP >> Tools and Maintenance >> Mybb Publisher....
You need to complete the full setup process,make sure your app settings on FB are correct and then try to test post via the ACP with debugging enabled.

If it is still not working then you need to review the debug and look for the error message from Facebook.

FB does not allow automated posts via the API for some sites/countries on their blacklist. If this is the case, there is NOTHING I can do about it and its not the plugin's fault. I have seen this several times were FB is blocking.
I am giving you full details both facebook and twitter are not working only tumblr is working. I double check and all the settings are correct. This problem occurred when i change my server.
In FB step 1 : Name, Description app link is blank.

In Twitter Step 1 : all details are shown but when i turn into "Step 4: Create/Delete a Test Post" then it shows "Return value of test post update::
Test post was not made. See output above."

Now i enable debug mode lets see what happen....

hi i check error log but there is no error messages only appear what i posted. Now how to see what happen....?
will u please check my forum. i will pm admin cp access ?
Please bring this over to my site (in sig) and register there. I can better support you when you post your credentials in the Private Support forum.
I already registered in your site but did not get email verfication msg.

I pm you my email id please activate my account or send me email cerification msg.
Someone please help me....
I activated your account
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