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Full Version: site width creates horizontal scroll
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this should get fixed...

I'm on a 1024X768 screen resolution (yes, I know...I'm using an old monitor at work..) and the site has a horizontal scroll, even when using the 'fluid width' theme.

I can replicate this on basically every theme installed on my system - firefox, chrome, ie, safari..
which theme you are using? (Fluid Width?)
(2014-08-25, 05:55 AM)OMID_HXC Wrote: [ -> ]which theme you are using? (Fluid Width?)

yes, as I stated in my OP.
Maybe there is too much space consumed by borders or anything else on your system?
EDIT: Is it version 1.8 you are talking about?

I made a screenshot where it fits:

[Image: download?path=%2F&files=Moment_2014-08-2..._CHAYD.png]

It is close though. If the width of the viewport gets below 1007px the horizontal scroll bar appears for me.
I think there are two elements which are causing the bar:

  [color=#3366ff]<div id="container" style="min-width: 990px;">[/color]
  <div id="content">
    [color=#3366ff]<div class="wrapper" style="min-width: 970px;">[/color]

The styles are not inline of course but theey are the reason.