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Full Version: MYBB reduce the server response time?
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Please share your tips on how to reduce server load for MYBB?

Is this save to do??????

Quote:Step 5: Change your mybb_sessions table to a HEAP. (MEMORY) This table will be stored in the memory for increased performance. Go into PHPMYADMIN, click on your forum's database, find mybb_sessions, click on it, then press 'operations' at the top and change it to MEMORY.
Yes it's "save" to do, but each time you restart the sql server it will clear the amount of user online count and data.
Unless you start removing code for features you don't want, there's not too much you'll be able to do that'll make much of a difference unless you have a really large forum (i.e. 1mil+ posts and hundreds of users online at a time). Until you start getting a larger, more active site, any changes you make with have a negligible or non-existent effect.
Does type of server has something to do with respond time?
Yes, shared hosting is generally slowest (Hundreds of users/sites on the one server all with active sites). VPS is generally better (but can also be oversold depending on the provider) - but you have the ability to configure the server to run one application well (proper PHP cache/MySQL buffers make a notable difference in load times - and you can't configure that on shared hosting). Obviously dedicated is likely to be the fastest, but unless you have hundreds of users active at once it wouldn't even be worth considering.
Cool good to know that Smile
Yes changing mybb_sessions table to MEMORY engine helps. It uses the RAM on the server.
That table is the most used in MyBB.

Also note that enabling GZIP compressing might slow your server response. This is because the server might have already enabled compressing and you enabling it from MyBB may cause it to compress two times. So check it before doing so.

Servers with SSD instead of a normal HDD, will help significantly.
(2014-08-28, 12:20 PM)Rakes Wrote: [ -> ]Yes it's "save" to do, but each time you restart the sql server it will clear the amount of user online count and data.

Hi, could you please tell me what do you mean by "restart the sql server" And what data will be lost. Are you saying the data will be lost forever?
Yes, data in a MEMORY table only exists until MySQL is restarted. That isn't really a problem for the sessions table as the only thing lost would be the list of current users/guests (and on their next page load they'd show up again).
By how much this will improve server responds time or performance?
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