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Full Version: Most Creative Thead Theme
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Out of all of the mybb themes that I have ever seen, today I saw the most amazing and creative thead ever. Look at this site, their thead is like jquery or something. I would ask how to do that, but Im not sure if I would understand. I don't want to just copy and paste, I want to be able to recreate something similar in my upcoming themes. Especially with 1.8 coming out.
It's a simple background with an image, so, when you hover the thead, the image moves vertically.

You can achive that and more with simple CSS effects.
I'm actually interested in how each thead is a different one.
I'm giving you a tutorial made by envira from


Credits to him =)
Ah thank you!! So if I do the hover image change, would that work along with that tutorial?
Yep, because you're using an unique ID for each category thead, so... it's like this:

Category 1
Forum 1

Category 2
Forum 2

Quote:category_one {
background: image here;

category_one:hover {
background: same image with another position here;
Quote:category_two {
background: different image here;

category_two:hover {
background: same different image with another position here;
So everytime I make a new category, I have to do that for each one?