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Full Version: Time format
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Version: mybb-feature
Settings: time format value: H:i
I have this settings in:
Base SQL mybb_settings
but on forum i see only 12h clock.
[Image: n2hqWl8.jpg]
I cannot reproduce. Are you sure your account's Time Format setting is set to Use Default.
Not confirmed.

Working fine for me...
It was after upgrade forum 1.6.10 into 1.8(feature)
main forum on script 1.6.10 time is ok
On upgrade at test forum: script don't accept time format, and i do not know why...
i see the same time format on the two forums
Could you show me screenshot ? Big Grin

Awwww, it's my bad ;/ i forget custom time setting in profile...
So i'm gonna set to default for all users.