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Full Version: Text very compact (please help newbie)
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Text seems compact on my forumĀ

I want it to apear like this screenshot

As you can see on screenshot text is right next to the edge on right side how can i achieve this thanks in advance.
I don't understand what you are asking.

(I am the developer of this theme btw)
Oh nice to meet you and nice theme!! Its fixed now my text was all over the place

This issue however i need help with @Taz

I want the adsense ads to go up abit so its touched to the navbar just above it (home icon and adminads just below touched to navbar)
Try adding a margin-top: 0px; or just play with the px amount to get it how you like it.
<newbie not that good and also your theme has other issues as well
Yeah I know about that. I released the theme anyways because I could not figure out a fix and also it works sometimes and sometimes it doesnt. For some reason it works in some groups. I am also a newbie in mybb themes Toungue.

Where did you place your adsense code?

after<body> on index
Post your adsense code within the [code] tags here.
Another issue..
my image is messed up;

orignal image:

adsense is fixed..
Please request support on the forums, that way I can give you support faster.
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