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Full Version: Some questions
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1. Is it possibile to change the forum width in 1.8? I tried it, according to this thread( and it seems to be not possible and like there is a limit, because nothing just changes.

2. How do i make some of the different available colors for mybb 1.8, chooseable for the users?

3. How do i disable the "search this forum" inside the thread listing?

4. Why does the Quick Theme Select not show up, even if i turned it on. (Show Theme Selector in Footer
Set to no if you do not want to show the theme selection area in the footer of all pages in the board.)

5. Why is the earth and sun theme the same as the standard one?

More might follow  Big Grin Thanks.
1. Go to global.css and find .wrapper and change it from 85% to something 940px.

2. I'm not really too sure.

3. Not sure if there is an option for that one, but it would look weird without it.
(2014-09-01, 04:03 PM)[email protected] Wrote: [ -> ]2. How do i make some of the different available colors for mybb 1.8, chooseable for the users?

Surprisingly I don't see an option for users to choose the color either.  *scratches head*

A solution I know would work would be to create a new theme based off of default with the same color options (or just the color option of the color you want) (example: default black) and then change the core color to the color you want.  
1. See above.
2. You need to duplicate the theme in ACP, then choose another color for it in theme options. Repeat for every color. No idea why was it done this way (seems incomplete for me too) so don't ask me..
3. There never was an option like that. You need to remove the search code from templates and files manually.
4. It shows up only if there is something to choose from - so 2 or more themes. Would be pointless to show it only for 1 theme.
5. Are they? Sun and earth seem to have different colors.
You can make it smaller but not bigger, it just doesnt go further after a certain px, also tried with 100%. Correct me if i am wrong.
But it says- "min-width: 970px; - max-width: 1500px;", so shouldnt 1500px be the limit?
Should be on the left side where it says "Width"
2. Yes, it works this way. But when you duplicate the default theme, the changes do not go with. LIke when you made menu item or added plugins on index.(even if you check the duplicate custom templates, when duplicate theme)
3. My wrong.
4. True.
5. Nope, sun and earth are definitely the same as the default theme. Something went wrong there?

Update 2.
1. Figured it out. On wrapper you need to change the max width to 1850 for example and make the width on the left to 100%, then it works. So in case, someone wants to use max width, do that. Smile
On my dev copy (which isn't completely up to date) Sun and Earth are different than the default. So either something is wrong with your files, or Mybb messed something up just before release.
2. Forgot to choose "default template" under theme options.
5. I dont have the css of the those themes, but i found a demo board and copied them from there. All in all, questions answered, problems solved. Thanks all.