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Full Version: Error with fast editing
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First, my English is generated by google

I got an error when editing a message in the forum with the quick editing.

The forum shows me the following message:

Another mistake that I saw is that when I close a thread, you still see the reply button if I am moderator Is there a way that at least the button changes color as in 1.6?
Could you possibly provide me with a link to the problem? I don't see an issue in your screen shot
The problem is

And the error is that instead of showing the message when editing, comes the phrase "Loading ..."

Thanks for responding
Well I looked into it. The only thing I could think of is some sort of server error. I don't speak the language of your forum so I had to translate most of it. The error is that it replaces your message with Loading.... for some reason. It still let me edit, just replaced. I'm not entirely sure :s hopefully a staff member replies soon.
I thought it was fixed already.
I don't seem to have that issue myself on my site. But its English, so I wouldn't know about Spanish. I'm sorry I couldn't help you solve the problem.
I have managed to solve the problem.

Apparently the hook quick editing has changed and why use a plugin that prevents the rapid response to load properly.

Does anyone know the new hook quick answer?

Thank you very much for answering