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Full Version: some of the errors im facing
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These errors are giving me headache can anyone help thanks. (ACP option not showing upon clicking user profile for quick ban or edit) (Date and time of post not showing) (Date and time of post not showing on index for new posts when loged in)

Url to my forum:
And Repution for users not showing.
.it shows Private Messages to non loged users.

still waiting to get help on this anyone
Found the problem Wink

Re- upload al the english language files...
and it's working in english Smile

waiting for the dutch Translation Toungue

( it helped to in the "hidden" text in the Admin panel )
those errors are still not fixed after reinstalling english lan files
Can you please share your forum url?

sorry i will update the orignal thread also with url i didnt now its not there.
Most of these issues, if not all, are caused by not updating your custom theme after upgrade. Use the Find Updated templates functionality to solve it.