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Full Version: Fresh install of 1.8 - Header looks wrong
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Hi everyone,

I just did a fresh install of MyBB 1.8 (new folder, new DB, new everything) and for some reason the header doesn't look right. This is my first experience installing MyBB myself so maybe I did something wrong?

This is what my forum header looks like:


Thank you!


I forgot to mention that everything looks alright from the Admin CP.

Here is the link to my forum:

For some reason the board looks fine now. I don't know what I did. Maybe a Ctrl+F5? Thanks anyway. Smile

The header looks fine for me:

[Image: TgaFVpc.png]
Same; give your browser a hard refresh.
Ctrl F5 for most browsers.
Yes, figured it out. Thanks guys. Problem solved.

Looks ok on my side as well!