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Full Version: How to add image hosting
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How to add image hosting on mybb 1.8?
I need because I want to save space on the server. 
put the code of this image everywhere you want.
If you want in header then put image code into header template at end.
IF you want in footer then put image code into first place in footer template.
I do not understand! I want a "button" that you can upload images via a image hosting! I want to make uploading images on another server, do not want to deal with attachments!
There are plugins do the thing you said in 1.6 series, but none of them updated for 1.8 yet.
I would be busy too, but contains java script, which I messed up!
you could use photobucket or something like that, copy the url into the theme where you would normally have the image hosted through mybb. I don't advice this though since you don't have control of the servers the images are on and they can tend to go down alot leaving you with broken images.
Well might use the api!
This is perfect:
Who can make it compatible with MyBB 1.8?
it would be great if we could add more services for users to use like the imgur mod linked above.

can anyone give it a crack?
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