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Full Version: Private forum areas - is it possible?
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Hi everyone, newbie here. I have been asked by a client to install a forum on a new site I am designing for them and they have a specific requirement.

They sell online courses (currently 6 different ones) and they need a community forum for each one. Each course forum needs to be 'private' in that if you sign up for 'Course A' you will only be able to view discussions from that specific course and none of the other 5.

In addition, the forum needs to be put behind a password protected area in general so users can not access the general area at all until they have signed up for a course. This will be done with a password protected folder set up in cPanel.

So, do I need to have a separate installation of mybb for each course, or is there anyway I can divide one installation into separate protected areas?

Thank you for any help or advice you can give me.

Many thanks

You can set up forum permissions to hide whole forums based on usergroup. You can even stop the board being viewed by guests and users awaiting activation too.
Thanks Matt, so as people sign up for each course forum, we would assign them to the usergroup for that forum only, stopping them seeing any of the others? Is that right?
As matt said m8 create user groups and user the user permissions to restrict the access also manually activate the user and add him or her to the user group she wants to be in.
Sounds good - thanks, looks like it'll be just the thing. I'll download and install.

Many thanks
Now problem m8 if your problem have been solved please mark the thread as solved.
Thanks for your help, all downloaded and installed. Now the fun starts!! Smile