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Full Version: Simplelike installation question
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I'm just installing Simplelike but I'm getting an error:


There doesn't seem to be a file called Classloader.php in the zip file I downloaded.

Does anyone know what I'm missing please>?

You will need to download this too:

I haven't officially released a stable release of SimpleLikes yet, hence the lack of instruction.
Huh, weird. I figured it was ready since it was on the plugins website. I hadn't actually tried it yet, since I am updating this weekend after I finish my theme. I'll have to stop telling people to use this plugin if they want likes until its actually ready. :p
Had the same error, fixed by using the plugin.core. However, received another error then.
"Fatal error: Class 'MybbStuff_SimpleLikes_Import_Manager' not found in /home/a7117140/public_html/forum/inc/plugins/simplelikes.php on line 28"
Also check this page please:
That's an odd one. I'm going to remove the dev version on the mods site as I'm still workin on it on GitHub in the develop branch.